Gulf coast racing series




6470 Hwy 996, belle rose, la 70341

Gulf Coast Racing Series is the only Road Race Series in the country to utilize the "bracket method" of placing cars to race in wheel to wheel competition. The safety requirements are as stringent as any other series in the country and emphasize the spirit of club racing. Famous racing marks such as Porsche, BMW, Alpha Romeo and Ferrari race against Nissans, Toyotas, Chevrolets and more. 

The track opens at 7:30 am and on-track activities begin at 9:00. The series is open to all makes and models that have a full competition race set up including cage, fire suppression and safety net. Current rated fire suit, helmet, gloves and shoes are required. A HANS or similar SFI-rated head and neck restraint system is mandatory for competition. A current GCRS or Nationally recognized racing license (NASA, SCCA, Porsche..) is required to compete in the series.