The race track is 1.8 miles in length and consists of 14 turns. While many consider it to be a technical track, drivers of all vehicle types and skill levels find the track both challenging and exciting.  

The racetrack is located approximately 60 minutes from the New Orleans International Airport and approximately 45 minutes from our state capital in Baton Rouge.  We are located 1 mile off of Hwy. 70, on Hwy 996 in Belle Rose, LA



How do i get to drive my car on the race track?


6470 Hwy 996, belle rose, la 70341

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There are several ways in which a driver may drive his/her own car on the race track.

The simplest and most convenient way is to become a Club Member. The primary benefit of a membership is the ability to come to the track at your convenience on more than 175 Days per year.  Contact us for Initiation Fees, Membership Fees and more information.

An economical way to enjoy the track in your own vehicle is to come out for one of our Lapping Days which is held approximately once per month, usually in conjunction with our Racing Series dates. 

If you have a fully equipped race car, then the Gulf Coast Racing Series is another option.  Each event has different entry fees, rules and regulations.

Another way to enjoy our facilities is to rent the track for yourself or for your own group.  Full and Half Day Rental Rates are available. Click on Calendar, Racing Series or Lapping Days for Race/Lapping Dates and Info, or Contact us for more infomation regarding the track, availability and pricing.

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